[Kinki] TBS Endless Shock Interview Narration Version

Koichi:また、えー…この「Endless SHOCK」をやらせて頂ける事になりました。(So, E.. this “Endless Shock” is going to be done.)

Narration: 今回で500回目となる、堂本光一さん単独ミュージカル「Endless SHOCK」の製作発表が先ほど行われました。(We went to Domoto Koichi-san solo Musical “Endless Shock” Press Conference which will be heading to the 500th performance.)

Question:本当にエンドレスになっちゃいましたね?(Is it really Endless?)

Narration: 堂本光一さん主演のミュージカルは、2000年11月に「MILLENNIUM SHOCK」としてスタート。過激なアクションや、本格的イリュージョンを堂本さん本人が演じる事で人気を集め、今では日本一チケット入手が困難なミュージカルと言われています。(Domoto koichi-san leading musical was began from 2000 Nov “Millennium Shock”. This musical including Extreme Actions , illusions and the popularity of Domoto Koich, Now this is one of the musical where Ticket is so hard to get in Japan.) 

Question:チケットがなかなか取れないんですけど、取れる秘訣ってなんかありますか?(Is there any secret you could share to get this popular ticket?)
Koichi:知らない!!(笑) 俺も取れないですもん。(I don’t know !! (laugh) I couldn’t get it either.)

Question:身内の方でもね。(Even for your relative?)
Koichi:だから俺も…あの身内の人とか、観たいって言ってる人がいるから、チケット、大丈夫かな?って言うと、「もうむりです」…って、あっさりと“モ・ウ・ム・リ・デ・ス”って6文字で終わらされました(笑)。また(舞台を)やれることの喜びを感じておりますし、期待を必ず裏切らないように、自分も、自分を高めていきたいと思っております。(Even myself… Some relative of mine would like to see it, so I ask “Is it okay to get a ticket?” “Its impossible” . all I got is “Its impossible (in japanese) only 6 character(laugh). However I feel happy of [Musical] having this kind of popularity, I hope I could meet the expectation and achieve higher.)

Narration: 堂本さん主演のミュージカル「Endless SHOCK」は、来年1月6日、初日を迎えます。(Domoto-san leading musical “Endless Shock” will receieves its first day in next year 6th Jan)


8 Responses

  1. Oh so the rumour that next year will be SHOCK’s last year is not true?

  2. To Fluffy,

    I don’t think so … -_- But I will look forward to new story still … -_- I don’t want him to roll that stairs anymore!!! -_-


  3. mmm… i didn’t know SHOCK was that popular, lol ))) glad for him!

  4. To Emi,

    You didn’t know ??/ 0_0 There was 2million people chasing after 140 thousand of tickets … and I remember it was the Top 5 musical in history in Japan that are this popular. …

    You got to see it, or you will regret it -_- It moved you 0_0


  5. to nana,

    I’m sure it’s awesome… But another thing worries me.
    You know, I’ve seen several musicals; not only in my country but in European capitals too… But I cannot fly to Japan now to watch Koichi’s show with my own eyes and I dun think the DVD would be satisfying enough… huh, should I watch it nevertheless? I want, really, but musical isn’t a dorama, it is a “live” show… ah, headache -.-“

  6. To Emi,

    You got to SEE the DVD XD I highly recommend anyone 😀 Its so cool:D
    Of course nothing is better than live -_- But then the limited edition included backstage -_- Knowing how tiring of doing the rolling down 0_________0
    and Its really cool I totally addicted to the DVD =)


  7. to nana,

    ok ok XD I’ll do it 😉 surely with pleasure

  8. to Emi,

    Watch it and please tell me what you think afterwards XD


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