[Sushi] Free Movie Premiere on Monday 28th, April, NY

Free Movie Premiere at Walter Reade Theater on Monday 28th, April

“The SUSHI PRINCE Does New York” NY PREMIERE !!! Date: Monday, April 28th 7:30PM (Door Opens at 6:00PM) There will be a small sushi reception before the screening. Theater: Walter Reade Theater Admission: Free ※To attend the premiere, you will need an invitation. Please RSVP. We will reply with invitation. RSVP:sushiprince-movie~at~zazou-prod.com ‘The Sushi Prince Does New York’ is an over-the-top action comedy film mixing the two popular aspects of Japanese culture; ‘Sushi’ and ‘Karate’. The film is a definite crowd pleaser filled with laughter, tears and wild Asian action!!!


Thanks to JJC

Nana: I shall look forward to your report JJC 😀 OH MY GOD~~~~ >____________< Kochan in a distance ~ JJC Remember to try to touch him XDDDD (Evil here XD)

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  1. Okay, no wonder why Kochan is out of Japan…

  2. I totally saw him from 10cm (without a shadow of lie) away!!!!!!!!!! I SO could’ve touched him or hold his hands if I wanted to; security wasn’t tight AT ALL. There was a reception before the premiere, and there he took some photo sessions: once with foreign (non-asian…) children and once with foreign (non-asian…) adults. They did the “nigiri” pose together. I saw him from distance walking into the reception hall, so I totally WALKED BY him, 10cm away, to the photo shoot place T_T I’m 165cm and was wearing 10cm heels; he was def shorter than me haha… He looked skinnier than I remembered from the Phi con and Shock in Jan… and he def looked tired… Before screening, a female MC/translator and Kochan was on the stage, talking about NYC, the movie, Tsusumi director, etc. Again, I was sitting on the FIRST row in the DEAD CENTER hahahaha. So you might find me in morning shows (oh I unknowingly had a few minute conversation with the female MC/translator during the reception, and she said it would likely be airred sometime next week).

    They had to check in my my DSLR (duh), but took some pics with my cell phone. It’s not great, but if you’d like to see em, I can share 🙂 let me know

  3. I would love to see the pictures that you took!! How I wish I could be there!

  4. Gyo Gyo Gyo !!

    Now I know Kochan went to NY!! I was wondering where he has gone. Thanks for the information JJC-san.

    光ちゃんが海外進出・・・ 本当すごい!!! このニュースを知って心臓がドキドキしています!!

  5. Oh wow. Koichi always does look kind of short though! Thanks for posting about how it went. 🙂

  6. Here are some photos^^


    Of course they prohibited any filiming/taking photos and I had to check in my digital camera… so these were taken by my cell phone, of which quality isn’t so bad, but shutter time is just horrendously SLOW. So, I didn’t capture many….. I also took a short movie clip, but I somehow can’t upload it to my online album (in order to download to my computer); I’m gonna try to get a USB tomorrow and download. Will send you the clip as well, if it turns out to be watcheable ^^

  7. To JJC,

    Could you mind to post it up for us please? 😀
    So interested >_______<
    Thanks 😀


  8. Not at all ^_^ Go ahead!

  9. To JJC,

    Look forward to your photos 😀


  10. ブレスレット ジュエリー

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