[KinKi] DVD Surprise ~ Include 6 Kisses (Updated 2 clips)



TSUYO DV~~~~~~



So I guess right ~ Its a hidden track! OH MY GOD!!!

All MCs included and KISSES TOOOOOOOOO~~~

PS: I just got my DVD~ Seeing the Disk 2 ~ Who want me to do Photo Capture let me know ~ XD

But I am not uploading it ~ XD Cause I have no space at the moment XD

and I can’t believe if you not going to buy this DVD XD

and guys~ If you got the normal edition please take a good look of whether there is the BNS track

apparently there are two ver, either its there either its not,

but I am quiet certain that Taiwanese ver got BNS (From Avex)

So if you able to find it please let’s us know 😀

As the day of release drawing near ~ Guys remember what to look for tomorrow at home XD

1. Disk 2

2. In top view choice CHAPTER

3. On the C CHAPTER page, use your remote or mouse to got LEFT and a RED BIG Φ should be out!

The famous “Unchange” Ball Ball Kiss In here ~

[Ball Ball Kiss~ XD]

Credit to YuuiChan

Thanks to Fluffy for the pictures

and KinKifan for the link:


You tube share

guys there are a clips of this kisses ~XD but I am not putting that one up here~

Just let you guys know there is one ~ 😀

Saw another one and is the first kiss~ So lovely man ~

Just see it still can’t stop screaming at all XD

By the way guys, Apparently they two do the DVD editing ~ XD

Enjoying it still ~ Right ? XD


[1st Kiss of 2008]

[Kiss on forehead]

credit to Yuuichan

28 Responses

  1. OK..now I really can’t wait for my DVD to come in…
    The days seems to move so slow…aaaaaaa

  2. *can’t breath anymore*

    Need. DVD. Right now !!

    They really wanted us to die before the DVD release ne ? So much PVs + surprises like these >.<

  3. Nana …………. they killed all of us ………………………. +__+


  5. The DVD should be out in HK today. Are there early uploads anywhere?

  6. http://gogobox.com.tw/oc244

    ^^it’s being uploaded

  7. oh holy cow!!!
    (dashed off to order the normal version)

  8. to: nana

    i’m a kinki fan – but i really hope you wouldn’t put these photos up at this time on a public page liks this.

    please remember the official release is NOT out yet. if you are going to put up any photos at least be more discreet. this is totally against the rules and will cause trouble with JE and affect kinki fan’s image as well.

    just before we all go crazy – please handle with care. the majority of japanese people haven’t seen any of this yet as well.

    thank you.

  9. Popo,

    it’s not like I posted the shots for every second of the DVD and I think the DVDs are out in HK and some other countries overseas already. And most importantly I’m not a Japanese resident so I don’t think I’m bounded by the weird JE rule of not being allowed to post photos and stuff like that. Look at other people and their icons and whatever JE pictures they have online, isn’t that illegal in Japan? Yes. Overseas? No, or more like people don’t really care xD

    The only reason why I don’t keep my KinKi related stuff locked for friends-only is that because I want everyone in the world to be able to see them. Sorry about that but for KinKi I can’t possibly be discrete and keep everything for myself. Even if this LJ is to be taken down because of that, well, what can I do, at least people have seen some of the love brought about by KinKi and get to know them and love them as much as I do 😀

    About my personal remark towards this photo, it’s a freedom of speech I suppose? I don’t think anyone has the rights to stop me from *even* bashing them in my personal LJ, which I won’t do in this lifetime I guess 🙂

  10. Ko chan looks wayyy to happy to be a victim

  11. To popo

    I suppose if I have to accept what you said, then I shouldn’t even do this site with SummerSnow. What we want to do is to share the news to OVERSEAS fans who is not in Japan and have not as updated news as those in JAPAN.
    You know what in HK I could buy the DVD from yesterday, so if i got the DVD why can’t I share it? Just because Japanese haven’t got it?

    We love KinKi so much I hope JE even know this. WE ALL LOVE THEM. I even wrote in some other site if JE publish this, I will love this company forever. I can’t see a link of we posting this pictures will affect KinKi Kids image, where does this come from? and OH we are too great~ to be above to affect their image. Man, video and pictures are everywhere if you do CHINESE search. If you don’t like it don’t see it . It just like what Koichi did when F1 is in season with not knowing the result.

    By the way if so why don’t you say this before when we post up report of concert? Or you just DON’T LIKE THEM KISS? or you just DON’T LIKE THEM BEING HAPPY TOGETHER?

    I think thats enough from me, suppose Fluffy have said what I want to say. and I am still sick at home, can’t be stuff to say anymore.

    Thanks by the way to fluffy .


  12. To KinKifan



  13. nana,

    as i wrote on fluffy’s LJ, kinki love is to share however your posting the grabs on the front page from an unknown and uncredited source can’t be taken as an appropriate action.

    have a look at what i wrote on your friend’s site and think. the world is not as simple as you might see it and you don’t need to be japanese to exercise discretion.

    and re: your concert reports, next time before you post, i would recommend you find a proper source and get the translations right, cos by spreading erroneous info around it’s not doing KinKi any good! I’m saying this cos i was at the Tokyo dome myself that night and I speak Japanese. I’m not anti-G or -only fan, but a seasoned KinKi fan who cried when she saw the DVD yesterday.

    take care and hope you get well soon

  14. To Popo,

    You could ask Fluffy about the pictures thing, I think if Fluffy post it up and you saw her comment up there, you know I took it from her and I credit her back, and if she took it off someone else you could ask her. (I got my sources from her thats what I am saying)

    Secondly, yes I do something wrong with the translation on the Tokyo dome part and I have changed it, but I don’t see that we are spreading Erroneous info around and will DAMAGE their image (Oh my god are our blog that great?). If you know the info tell us we change it.

    I am the only one doing information here, You know how many things I have to do while posting those info? I have to work and keep up with this blog myself as SummerSnow is in exam, so if you have those RIGHT info thank you of letting us know at least I can change it.

    For the DVD part, I just don’t think because Japanese fans haven’t see it I can’t do it. What does it call up-to-date? I got my DVD then I could share it that’s my thought. You know how many other people already got the DVD yesterday and looking at it for the millionth times? So you got the DVD why can’t I share it around? I am not uploading the clips and I am not doing it (I don’t have the time to cut my DVD) so isn’t photos too being allow at all?

    By the way I didn’t see this world so simple, I have try my best to credit sources and i have try not to step into Only fans part. Man I have been personally insulted by Only fans before so you think I will think world is SO simple at all? I suppose I am not a naive monster have 6 legs 4 hands and 3 brains that could do everything right after a whole day of work?

    Oh by the way I rather Fansgirl world being simple actually, cause why make it so complicated at all? Being a fans girl already naive isn’t it? Why make it complicated? I am just doing it for relaxation as I love knowing all those rumor and stuff around them, and dreaming that they are BL make me happy so why not? We need relaxation ain’t we?

    Re: concert report, next time will be MY report as I am going to the summer con and may be if there is the Winter concert too. I already put them in plan.

    Last but not least, I guess I want to end this convo in this happy time. and happy post. It will be our pleasure if you have any RIGHT info and let us know as it helps a lot. for the pictures if its from somewhere else that I don’t know if Fluffy taking it off I take it off.

    Thanks for seeing this pages by the way.


  15. To Popo,

    First of all thank you very much for posting your message here and thank you very much for giving advice for Nana and her friend…

    And I see no problems for Nana to post this here, since this is her own blog, she is free to do so… Secondly, as Nana said, she is not in Japan… Third, though JE do say that we are not allowed to show this in public but it is only for VIDEO. This is only the picture of it and this is totally made by herself…

    I totally agree with you that it is yet to release, but have you ever think that this helps in boosting the sales of the DVD… More fans will buy just because they read the article… Furthermore, this is to help fans to get more information… I see no problems of sharing information online… And KK never said that we are not allowed to do so… Tsuyoshi even said that please promote by writing reports and tell all fans what he is thinking so that fans will get to know what he is thinking…

    And as for the reports that Nana has prepare, it is not about the perfectness of the reports, but the willingness, feel, and the love that drives them to prepare and to publish the report… This is called “LOVE”… They are not selfish, they wish to share with those who are not able to join the concert… It is the willingness that we appreciated… As like what you have said, you went to the 1st Jan concert, I was there too, you speak Japanese, I do as well, but I never said that Nana post something that is wrong… I attended all 3 concerts, yet there is nothing inappropriate in this article… I am working and staying in Japan, but there is nothing here that makes me feel uncomfortable which we will get accused by Japanese Government… Not to publish the DVD publicly is that JE stated, but not NOT TO promote…

    It is not that everyone will be able to fully understand and to clearly remember whatever that KK have said, there might be some mistakes in between, but what’s more important behind is that they tried their best, they correct it after they got feedback from others… All the efforts and works that they have done are the most important…

    It is not able the rules and regulations, we cannot ignore rules and regulations but again what matters the most here is that the effort and willingness… Plus, I do not think that you fully understand the rules and regulations of Japan about ONLINE WORLD… This is something that happened online, if Japanese Government or JE are able to identify what we are doing are crimes, then obviously we get warned…

    Things are not perfect, I totally understood your concern, but why not we tolerate each other, understand real reason that drives Nana and friends do all these and support them… I cannot say that I am totally correct, but this is what I think… Hope that you could understand and appreciate their effort and the willingness to share these with others… I totally understood those fans stay overseas who are unable to get information so quickly and they will have to depend on few sources… Even for me, I got my CD, rip it, send it over to my friends who have not received the CD because they stay overseas… This is totally not allowed, but I totally understood them and I wish that I can do something because I am here in Japan… I am lucky because I am here therefore I will do my best to provide my friends with things that they want…

    Lastly, really thank you for your advice that we need to pay attention on that, and I still prefer the way Nana share with others because sometimes I cannot get new immediately too… And if possible, you could surf and search for Japanese KK fans and have a look at what they have posted on their blog, you might be SHOCK of what they have done…


  16. OMG!! Hidden track??? does this means need to know special trick to open this file????
    can someone please advise me?

  17. To tkfund,

    Its next to disk 2 menu 🙂 the Phi sign 🙂 Have a look as I suppose you have gone to MK to get the DVD ain’t you XD


  18. OMG!! I can’t wait for my copy!!!! And i may be getting the tw version on top of my Limited edition!!! Pls postman, please deliver asap!!!
    🙂 I can’t wait!!

  19. Dear nana-san,

    Just a question, are the secret tracks in BOTH the Limited Edition and Regular version? Does anyone know what the difference is already between the two? I got the LE, but if the regular has other things I want it too!!!!!! Please let me know! =) KYAAAAAAAA!

  20. Oh my gosh, I just saw what you wrote above so my question is repetitive! Gomenasai…But I’ interested to know what the difference is either way! =) Thanks always!

  21. To Zeta4ever,

    No worries 🙂

    I am not sure whether there is one in Regular but apparently someone have found it in Regular version 🙂 So its up to you whether you want both 🙂 But I chose to have my normal version as a Taiwanese ver as it cheaper and with sub title XDD


  22. Maybe my question is the same with Zeta4ever ^ ^” but i still want to ask 😀 gomen ne ~ … But does LE have all 6 kisses + Tsuyo DV + BNS + MC ?

  23. To Jjing,

    Apparently LE include 6 kisses (which included MC and Tsuyo DV) BNS should be in RE but haven’t confirm yet . 🙂 But I think its in Taiwanese ver as Avex newsletter said so 🙂


  24. Nana, is Taiwan version in a DVD or VCD?

  25. So cute!

    Tsuyoshi Really did kiss Koichi on the lips!

    I can’t wait for the DVD release!

  26. I see … so that …. does RE has 6 kisses + MC + Tsuyo DV + BNS ? If so, RE has more than LE ? O___O

  27. I want to buy Phi con but there’s only RE left T___T
    Is there something different between RE Japanese version and RE Hong Kong version?
    Which is the best ?
    Thank you very much in advance ♥

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