[Arashi] From Prime Minster of Japan mail – about the enviornment

Prime Minster of Japan and his Cabinet

[Please listen to this person]

” Think about the environment issue will all of you” (Arashi Concert operational company)

At the moment, Arashi is holding Japan Dome Tour around the country. Title is “Dream”.

In July, Hokkaido Dome Concert held on the same period with G8 Hokkaido Toyako meeting. Therefore many people related this concert with the summit. As the theme of the summit is concern about the environment, to reduce garbage, we made the “Eco-bag”.

During the Dome tour, member and staff stopped using paper plate, paper cup and “one time use” chopsticks”. Even Arashi used their plate set numerous time.

Beside, Arashi also made a song call “Green” with the theme of thinking about the environment which was sang in the concert.

I hope all the audience not only coming for the concert, but also the concert gave them a chance of thinking about this issue too.


(14th June Tokyo Dome Concert’s Arashi Comment)

“This is an eco-bag we made this time. It is made to hope that you guys will think about the environment around us. Beside this, we also made another thing. This song was made with the desire of what we hope our tour is all about…”


Nana: Its a translation from me 🙂 Please tell me if you gonna reposte it please! 😀





Staff’s plate set




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  1. Wow, thank you so much for translating!
    I’ll try to take better care for the environment now… XD

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