[HanaF] Movie Best Present! HYD private Jet fly around Japan!







Movie Best Present! HYD private Jet fly around Japan!

Movie “Hanayori Dango Final (HYD)” have received hugh attention, hence main character Mao Inoue and the F4 members leading by Arashi’s Jun Matsumoto announced on 3rd July that will received a present of flying around the country campaign.

ANA’s Boeing 737-500 (Seat 133 total) are rented to fly in 12th and 13th (2 days) from Sapporo -> Nagoya, ->Fukuoka -> Osaka -> Tokyo five large city. Renting a private Jet for Movie campaign is the first in National Movie History. Total moving distance is around 4660 km. It was not known how much the promotion fees for, but the airplane itself cost around 45 billion yen, anyway it will be a luxury campaign for HYD cast.


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