[Johnny’s Jr] Akiyama resign from Johnny’s

秋山純 ジャニーズ辞めていた…

「Musical Academy」の秋山純(28)が3月末でジャニーズ事務所を辞めていたことが15日、分かった。





“Musical Academy” Akiyama Jun resigned from Johnny’s in the end of March.

Last year autumn, Akiyama’s girl friend Ex-model – A-san (Now wife) diary shown photos in bed which cause some discussion.

Then, Akiyama’s activities frozen, till this year after discussion with Johnny’s company, contract end in end of March. Akiyama worked as a part time during the frozen time, now he is working as an employee.

Nana: I could only wish him good luck in his future >_< God Bless you Jun~ Will miss you so much 0_0


5 Responses

  1. I’m actually kinda surprised that there is an official announcement for this because JE’s policy is not to give official declarations for the suspension or resignment of Jr members, or the disbanding of Jr units.
    Anyway I hope he’ll be happy… after all he has a degree and is a very smart man so I’m sure he’ll have no problem in the business world. Still, it’s a pity that such an acting talent goes to waste… I’m going to miss him so much, too. ;__;

  2. Hi Sakura,

    I think its not really a public announcement but some one must have ring them and ask to confirm.
    So they confirmed it.
    And Yea, that’s what I told my fd. I suppose he had to think about looking after his wife and (if he has) a child. I mean he can’t be in JR for all his life, it won’t be as much pay. He gonna have to support his family and he needed the money. So at least he got a job now to work as an employee… and I don’t know I hope he still keep contact with Kochan and Tsuyo.

    Kinda sad as he have know KinKi for more than 10 years. I still remember he is that young and playing with Sho and KinKi and TT kind of days … -_-

    Gonna miss him so much -_-


  3. good luck for him ^_^
    actually with his talent, he deserve more than being a junior or in a dance unit…just hope that this is the best decision for him.

    he got a degree?? did he go to university?
    he can still do modeling too for part time.
    just can’t imagine an office worker as handsome as him, lol

  4. so wait, ex-girlfriend?!
    they have split up?!?!
    what a B**ch! messed up everything and then run off?!
    poor poor Aki if that’s the case….lost everything because of her ><

  5. Hi Mikki,

    Na~ Ok I clearify ~ Its his now wife =_=
    Anyway … I don’t like his wife. That’s all …


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