[KinKi] Concert Goods Full list Details

Pamphlet ¥2,000
Fans(Kochan/ Tsuyo) each ¥500
Poster(Group/ Kochan/ Tsuyo) each ¥800
Clear File(Group) ¥500
Shopping bag ¥600
T-shirt ¥3,000
Chopstick Case ¥1,000
Strap and Mobile Sticker ¥1,500
Stainless Steel Cup ¥1,500
Photo Set(Group. Kochan/Tsuyo) each ¥600
Original Hand light ¥1,300
Regional limited Towel ¥1,500

* Regional Limited mean each concert hall have different type of Towel (Different design or like I concert that you got writing of the place?)


Nana: Oh god ~ I want pamphlet, Mobile strap, cup and towel … but its equal to a 6500 yen again … -_-


4 Responses

  1. Okay I want all of them. I’m even worse than you LOL! Actually all but the shopping bag, but then screw it, I better count the shopping bag in to carry all the other stuff. So that makes it all of them LOL xD

  2. HEY(:
    I wanna ask…
    is there any photos/pics of the goods?
    cuz i want to look at it and see what i would like to buy….

  3. Hi Kiisu,

    Officially they haven’t release photos yet. While its on sale on 20th so I don’t think we got to see them before they sell them 😀

    Hi Fluffy,

    haha~ unless you go tho ~ If you buying there you will buy a shopping bag … -_- but well no as I have no money!!!! =_=


  4. I’m going to watch KiNKi you Con^^
    Wow! A lot to grab home! >_<
    Wonder if my pathetic luggage can fit all that! -_-|||

    By the way, latest news from CDjapan!
    KinKi Kids 27th Single Secret Code will be released on 27 Aug!
    Theme song for Tsuyo’s new drama!
    Hopefully they will sing it during the con! ^^/

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