[KinKi Kids] New Single “Secret Code” 27/8 release

8月27日『Secret Code』発売!!

KinKi Kidsの27枚目シングル!堂本剛主演のフジテレビ系土曜ドラマ「33分探偵」主題歌となる『Secret Code』は、堂島孝平、東京スカパラダイスオーケストラの北原・大森・茂木、F-BLOODS藤井尚之など豪華アーティストとお届けする ミステリアスで疾走感あふれるジャズナンバー。
『Fu Fu Fu』はKinKi Kids出演の”十六茶”CMソング。すでにCMではお馴染み、言葉遊び満載の爽快なアップチューン。


▽初回限定盤 [JECN-0173]
M3に「strategie」、M4「Secret Code (Backing Track)」収録

▽通常盤 [JECN-0174]

Kiu: Nana, no time for translation. Please amend this when you get back home. Thx heaps^^
Nana: Thank you very much to Kiu >_< Good luck to your exam 😀

KinKi Kids’s 27 single will be the theme song for Tsuyo’s Fuji TV Drama “33 mins detective “Secert Code” which is produced with a luxury Artists including Dojima Kohe, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s Omori, Kitahara and Motegi and F-Blood’s Fumiya Fujii. The music have flow with Mysterious Jazz feeling.
While “Fu Fu Fu” is KinKi’s 16 cha” cm song. With influence of the cm, its a up beat song.


2 Responses

  1. Yay!! New single~ finally!
    Fu FU FU sounds cute haha
    thanks for sharing

  2. OMG!!! OMG!!! Finally, some news on the drama song!!!
    strategie & Secret Code sounds so secretive-detective like, right?!!?! XDD

    And 16-cha’s cm song is called ‘Fu fu fu’?!! LOLx. That’s so KinKi. XDD

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