[KinKi] Kinki Summer Tour concert start!


KinKi Kidsが21日、8年ぶりの夏の全国ツアー「緊急全国ツアー KinKi you コンサート。」を東京ドームでスタートさせた。





KinKi Kids on 21st, after 8 years started their’s Summer Concert tour at Tokyo Dome.

21st is their Cd debut anniversary. Koichi Domoto “Today is KinKi 11th Anniversary. Let’s celebrate it !” Shouted with fans. 2 person’s produced not only music, but a 20 meters high, 52 steps large stairs in the stage which could be seen everywhere.

Nana: Stairs again!!!????? 0___________0 I am scare of stairs >__________<


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