[KinKi] Domoto Brother (27.07.2008)

I just finished watching DB ~ Which is funny ~hahaha~

The guest is the girl feature in Tsuyo new drama.

I miss the first half bit, but I saw an important part ~ XD

Which is Tsuyo sat on Kochan’s leg ~ XD

They are talking about Ungo again XD and then Tsuyo trying to show how to do that ~ XD

he turn and pretend to pull down pants several times and every times he went a bit near kochan

and then he did it really quickly turn and sat on Kochan leg ~ XD

So Kochan became the toilet again ~ hahahahahahahahahahaha~~~~

Kochan have no reaction for at least 10 sec ~ XD

(At this stage i scream and my dad came in and see what happen XD)

There are several lovely part too ~ Show you guys tomorrow ~ Its funny ~~hahahahahahaha~


One Response

  1. i can’t wait for the funny clips your showing tomorrow…i toilet scene was priceless…to bad it was only a short second but it was lovely and hilarious…

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