[Kattun] Tokyo Dome Live Concert Guest (Details Update)

Today Kochan went to Kat-tun Tokyo Dome live Concert with Hey!Say!Jump, Masuda and Koyama.

Kochan got invited to talk on stage during MC. 🙂

– Details –

1. Kochan wore Golden shoes, white T-shirt with a black butterfly design in front and black Chrome Heart Cap . There was a key chain on his waist.

2. When Kochan went on stage, Kat-tun ran to the side of backstage lined up.

3. Apparently Machida and Yonehara did went with Kochan but didn’t go on stage.

4. Why Kochan on stage?

After Kochan finished his Nagano Concert, in his Tokyo Home, Nakamaru sent him a SMS “We are having a concert, Can we invite you to come?

Kochan reply after 10 mins ” Will come tomorrow”

Nana: Why after 10 mins!? And You are quick in replying this time ~ XD

5. Before Kochan on stage, they did talk about Kochan

Akanishi: A lot of people come to see our concert, like guys, foreigner and some who look really old

Tanaka: A pretend to be young “Old person” (若作りしてる老けた人とか˙˙˙)

Nakamaru: Wait, Shock, Shock!

Akanishi: That’s Koichi-kun

Nana: I hope they are not really talking about Kochan ….

6. After HSJ sing with Kat-tun, went back stage

Nakamaru: I feel like I am a part of HSJ!

Then they introduce a special guest

Kochan: I am HSJ Domoto Koichi

Nana: Kochan~ XD Beware of Tsuyo XDDD

7. Kochan talk to Tanaka

K : I have acted with Tanaka during drama “Tenshi”. At that time he was really cute! (to Audience) Did you guys know?

Audience : Yes.

K: Since when you become this kind of gangs type of style!?

8. Nakamaru :

Tanaka: (Nakamaru) Why you still look so afraid of Koichi-kun after working with him for few months!?

K: During Filming, no matter who talk to Nakamaru, he only say “okay! okay!” Is he like that in Kat-tun?

Akanishi: No~ (Nakamaru) he easily make wrong first impression, seems like he don’t want to work. Actually is different, this is his max limit (To say Okay okay to first met person)

9. During the 10 mins Kochan on stage, Kat-tun all like Nakamaru staring at Kochan

10. Nakamaru took Kochan off stage, but its only him who going off stage, Kochan still on stage and wave Bye Bye to him on stage

Kat-tun 5 members: Please could we change you with him? (To nakamaru) Change! Change!

Nakamaru knee down and goes: Please let me stay!!

Kochan: I don’t know how to rap


15 Responses

  1. USO ! NO WAY !
    maa… i need calm down >”<

  2. wow..I hope they’ll include Koichi’s appearance into KAT-TUN’s concert DVD.

  3. ‘Koichi goes with HSJ’…. why did the words that come from inside my mind are ‘Koichi being daddy of HSJ’ or rather ‘Koichi joins HSJ’ lol..

  4. Kazzchan

    He was the “Daddy/ mummy” of HSJ XD I still remember the little news about Kochan tell HSJ to go home and sleep while they all went out for dinner XD “you guys have to be good boy ~ Go home and sleep now !” hahahahahahaha~ 😀


  5. usooooo!!!!
    why didn’t they come the same day with me…ya daaaa!!
    eeee….soo unlucky

  6. NO WAY ! He did? And he go with HSJ, Masuda & Koyama… ??

    How cute is that !!!

  7. haha yup yup I heard HSJ went up to perform 2 songs as well.. XDD so all the guest went up kattun con.. XD

    and koichi was invited by nakamaru and when he went on stage, he kept commenting that he feels like he’s watching a KinKi concert.. LOL

  8. Nana

    Thank you for the update. Koichi sound so cute !

  9. LOL~ i like the last part “I duno how to rap” whahaa.. and i m hsj koichi! XD

    he is really cuteee >.<

  10. The last part is hilarious! Poor maru has to beg to stay. But I don’t mind koichi appear as and when during all concerts ; )

  11. lol Ko chan! you’re Showa Jump! not HSJ! hahah

  12. Nana, sorry for just reply.

    Kochan: I am HSJ Domoto Koichi
    –> I forget he and Tsuyo are HSJ members, lol.

    It’s glad to see him getting well with juniors. 🙂

  13. Wow!!!!!

    Ha Ha >_<

    They are so cute…..

    Thank You

  14. hey, I just found the vid with Koichi at KAT-TUN’s concert, do you happen to know what else was said during the MC? I know Koichi talked about the audience yelling “Baldie, baldie!” at him XD

  15. Hi Ari,

    You mean other Kat-tun MC? Not really… Cause I am not in Concert …. I only saw report of Kochan in the concert and what he said. 🙂


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