[Johnny’s] Playzone graduate from Playzone (Tokyo)




終演後、劇場正面に特設した舞台に少年隊が再び登場。名残を惜しむファンの歓声が響く中、「仮面舞踏会」などを熱唱。植草克秀が「この財産を大切に仕事を 続けていきたい」と言えば、東山が「次に僕らが何をするか考えたい。今度は(結婚を)発表できるよう頑張ります」と誓った。



Nana: So Actually Kochan went to every thing is a day before they closed 🙂 So Who will be next? 😀


2 Responses

  1. hi,

    this may sounds abit weird cus i m finding some trans for kk’s songs + romanised lyrics, erm, do u know of any sites tt does tt?

    gahhhs, this is such a funny ques, gomen~

  2. mmm.. I wonder if the next will be Tsubasa or maybe HSJ? 🙂

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