[KinKi] Secret Code CM out!

Credit to az13ki

Yesterday on Tsubasa World Stage, He said on June (when the rumour came out) Tsuyo did ask him to go to have onsen together in karuizawa. Tsubasa said he had to do rehearsal for this stage play so he didn’t go. Then the next day is Secret Code PV filming where Kochan drive his own car to join in~ 🙂

So ~ They did went to Karuizawa to film the PV~ >_< Oh good!!!! I love karuizawa anyway XD So want to go ~ >_<


4 Responses

  1. Hee really? If they really filming this in Karuizawa then may be the previous time tsuyo went there is really for preparation?

    If they go to Karuizawa for this, I wish the make it an out-door PV! LOL! However I’m not complain since they so cute, energetic, 5-year-old-errs, and looks like flirting with each other in this PV! XD

  2. Hi Kazzchan ,

    No he went there to relax remember? XD
    He went to fishing 1st day, 2nd day shopping with Yasuda XD
    But Yea I love the PV XD


  3. omg!!!!!!
    the mv looks sooooooo good and fun!
    i love it!
    can’t wait to see the real thing!

  4. Yess!!! The pv looked so genki, both of them!!!
    And the feeling is so so high & energetic… And look at Kochan’s expression thru out!!!!! XDD

    Esp when Tsuyo both were so close, and when Tsuyo puts his arms around him. Kyaaa!…..

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