[KinKi] Secret Code PV

Nana: Oh my god ! So funny So great~ I kind of feel its one of the best PV so far!!! Much better ~~~ >_<


6 Responses

  1. wow! this pv has a ‘big-bang’ kinda feel?!?

    freestyle too~

    n i m slowly liking this song! (:

  2. im totally loving this PV.Tsuyo is so smexy.haha.and I love the fact that I can see that they are having fun.I love Tsuyo’s cute little gestures and how Koichi was rolling on the floor. TOO CUTE. koichi looks odd when Tsuyo placed his hand on his shoulder.LOL.

  3. to Clyde,

    Koichi was getting pretty nervous towards the end LOL xD

  4. its been long time since i visit here..
    stying in boarding school is sux..
    LOL,the PV is SUPERB!!!
    i luv that they is having fun..

  5. Whoo~ I love this PV!
    everyone looks like they’re having fun!

  6. A really very fun pv!!!!!!
    My fave~~~
    Really need to thank the producer / director & musicans. So much fun & laughter!! XDD

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