[From us] About How to get to go to your concert :D (Updated Street View)

I don’t know how many people want to know about this 😀 But well I have time as no work tomorrow to update you on how to buy ticket (if you overseas) and how to go to Johnny’s Store 😀

Any question regard to this ~ Please let me know 😀

A Rough picture of got to visit place for Johnny’s Fans XD

(Additional Place: )



The shop is the ticketing shop, its around the marked place 🙂 While you walking to the shop, you could enjoy some lovely shopping first XD and there are a lot of photos place around there~

For Photos I mean those secret one XD


Official Fans Club Location


Saw those people under the tree? Some of them must be lining up for the shop 😀


How to get there

When you get to Harajuku station, please LOOK AROUND for SIGN! Not as stupid as last time I went .. -_- The sign is in front of us and we miss it not twice but 4 times XD

You got to cross a bridge and you see a Play house shop ( a 18+ store) you will see people lining up there~ depend on your luck, may be you just need to queue up or like me got to take a time snot sheet telling you when to come back to line up … >_<

And don’t worry, the shop assistant there is .. not really nice XD Just don’t worry about them ~ XD

Oh and if you going to Harajuku for ticket, I suggest you to go around to find Smap’s Shop XD I haven’t been there tho ~ 😀

Its opposite to Kiddy Land 🙂


Family Club Location

This is another must visit if you are fans ~ 😀 Cause there are poster with signature of idols, and some VTR about their latest news ~ 😀 And loads more ~ 😀



//img521.imageshack.us/img521/240/jrshops2rz0.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

I am so excited when I see this ~ I know its quiet blur but its “Johnny’s Family Club” sign here!! XD


Tokyo Dome Location



I suggest if you want to have a last chance, go through from Jr station (Suidobashi)

Last time I saw a lot of ticket selling on that bridge, but they don’t show prices… So becareful 😀

and ~ remember to line up in the morning for goods and head back at night for concert.

It will be good if you go there for goods around 10am 🙂 Last time I went on 12:00 wait till 14:00 to get out …>_<

Oh and eat your dinner before you go to concert. last time our lunch at 14:30 then dinner at 10pm .. in Mac…


For your ticket , please check on the map for your position.

And as seen on DVD, don’t think of Level 3… Actually I say no from Level 2 onwards…

Even level 1 you need speculators to see them …

Also ~ Don’t ever think its worthless for those handlight if you gonna be in the concert ~ >_______<


12 Responses

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  2. Woah Cool xD I wish I could go for a concert in Japan but even the airplane tickets cost a fortune >.< and then i would need need a place to stay too.. Uh @.@ I need to get some money first i guess… But thank you for helping anyway ^^

  3. Last time I saw a lot of ticket selling on that bridge, but they don’t show prices… So becareful 😀

    I don’t think it’s selling – it’s girls begging for tix actually 🙂

  4. To Aya,

    Not only begging for Ticket but also some selling it but as they can’t really show it they have some other words 😀
    But yea ~ Cause we asked before so I know there are some there selling 🙂


  5. I haven’t seen selling yet – at other shows. Will have to look more carefully at Kinki one 🙂

  6. thanks for the maps
    *saves it down for future use*
    hopefully by next year I get to attend one of Johnny’s concert

  7. I haven been to any of the concerts, was hoping to go for a KinKi Kids one or KAT-TUN one. *sighs* But reading your informations, I think its better to have someone who knows the procedures and way to bring us around. For someone like me, I think I’ll get lost very easily. haha~ And as for the tickets, its abit expensive, and we can’t be sure of our seats when buying them right? you have to be really lucky to get a ticket at the arena area to see KinKi Kids up-close. >.<

    But still thank you for the informations you shared, I guess it’ll come useful oneday. *prays*

  8. even i dont have plan to go japan soon but thanks ,,now i have description on my mind about the famous johhnys shop

    btw smap shop not opened everyday ,,only when they have sp event ^^ i think only once in a year ,

  9. wow, that was a comprehensive map u haf there~ i was ‘wow-ing”

    but awww~ i m outside of japan~ LOL but ur maps are really clear-cut!!!!

    and i particularly like the map of the concert hall the best! teeheee.. my home’s stadium werent even tt big~ envy!!

  10. woah thanks for this!!

    will definitely use this when I go japan!

  11. hi, thanks alot for your info!

    i’m really interested in going to the end of year concerts in japan! is there only one unofficial ticket shop around or are there more?

  12. Hi, me and my sis would like to get tickets for KK in osaka. Other than going there to get the tickets personally, is there anyone that can help us to get the tickets?Cos if we are to fly there and wait see if there are last minute tickets available, that could be very risky…. thanks!

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