[From nana] A Little query

Hey Guys ~

At the moment I am cleaning up my house. as my family decided to renovate our flat.

With little space left I decided to clean out some magazines (mostly Wink Up) collection.

At the moment I have no plan yet, but if no one want it I will throw it away.

So before I throw it out, I would like to know anybody in here would like to own it themselves.

My collection included

T&T, Arashi, Hey!Say!Jump (some), NewS (except Yamapi <– my housemate reserved them), Kat-tun, Kanjani8, V6, Tokio, Smap (little), Toma, B.A.D, A.B.C, M.A.D, etc

I got some clips that are before their debut (those new one like NewS, Kat-tun, Kanjani8) or when they are young. Esp Ya!Ya!Yah.

The oldest I got at the moment is 2001 Taiwanese Wink Up cutting.

Plus some clips will be from my friend in Taiwan who also have clips of those groups mentioned above, we all just want to clean up magazines.

So Just want to see anybody interested, if not I will throw it away

I am not sure how much I got, still cleaning up. If many people interest I will update more info.

For price I don’t want much, possibly money included postage and any reasonable price you want to pay me.

More details later, see how many people interested first 🙂

Note: No KinKi magazine cutting will be sold as we all fans of them 😀

Thanks ~:D

~ nana~


11 Responses

  1. I’m interested in Hey!Say!JUMP

  2. sorry for commenting twice
    I got so excited that I left KAT-TUN out!
    haha gomene
    I’m also interested in the old clips~

  3. I’m might be interested in the Arashi clippings if it’s not too expensive.

  4. I might be interested in HSJ as well if the shipping isn’t too ex.. XD

  5. I would love to buy some of them ^^ Especially v6 and the other sempais ^^

  6. I’m a Taiga Kyomoto collector. If you have any, I would like to buy some.

  7. I’m interested in SMAP, nana!! :DDD

  8. I’m really interested in V6 clippings 😀

  9. Hi! im interested with Tackey &/or Tsubasa related stuff. I hope i can afford them. Harharhar! Let’s see.

    my email add is katya_alex@yahoo.com.

  10. I am interested in M.A.D

  11. I am interested in smap, Jin, & Ryo-chan.

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