[From nana] Well about myself again >_<

Oh well, Just talking about some stuff 🙂
If you have notice, my update time have been pushing to later and later … -_-
Sorry I know … But my job occupied a lot of my time… Like this week, I have been working till at least 7:00 – 7:30 HKT.
By the time I am home its around 8:30 after dinner its already 9:00pm …
Then I got to update this blog, my own private blog and doing some work. (like today have to write up the minutes for today work meeting…)
So tired today >__<
Anyway~ that’s all for me for now ~ I will see what else to update and went back to my work … T_T



8 Responses

  1. Gambatte ))

  2. Nana.. thank you for taking time to update even you’re busy with work.

    Ganbatte.. 🙂

  3. working in HK is like that, the time for you is not too bad, I’ve been working till 9-11pm lately, starting at 9am. wanna quit!!
    minna ganbatte

  4. Don’t worry about updates, put your work as the first priority and update at your own pace when you have free time 😀

  5. Hi Tkfund,

    You live in HK right? Where are you working 🙂 You got our email right, you could email me 😀


  6. Hey nana~ don’t worry about the updates ya!
    No rush about it~ update at your own pace
    Like what fluffy said~ put work as the first priority and don’t forget to get enough rest! don’t be like Ko chan! haha just kidding~

  7. Hi nana..
    Jia you !!
    I’m from Indonesia and just like you, my job accupied a lot of my time from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm (the standard time), but the reality is almost everyday I finish at 7 pm and sometimes 8 pm. T_T
    wanna look for a new job

  8. heys!

    take care yeah 😉

    and cool yeh, working in HK~ do u understand canto? or chn? =P

    updates is ok, time doesnt matter, wad matter most is taking nuff rest~ dun over-work nehs 😉



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