[V6] Junichi dating Aoi Yu??






[2008年8月29日6時29分 紙面から]

Well its “Friday” again. They put up a photo of Junichi and Aoi Yu sharing an umberalla together and clam its “Love Umberalla” for them.

Johnny’s said “They are adult, Friday should leave him in private.” Aoi’s Company “We only know they are good friend after co-starring. However she is 23 years old, this is her own private issues.”

Nana: So ~ well if he is dating, it won’t shock me anyway XD He is old enough to make his own judgement and to Love somebody XD Tsuyo ~ You know anything !? XD


4 Responses

  1. not to be objective or anything but it says ‘They/ He (Johnnny’s ) are adults, so we don’t deal about the private matters’

    But Okada is soo hot ; ( so it’s soo upsetting even though i kinda like aoi yuu…..X (

  2. If it’s true I’m seriously happy for him ^^ Johnnys are human too ;P

  3. yeah… Am happy for Okada anyways~

  4. Aw they’d be so cute together!

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