[KinKi] Domoto Brother (31.08.2008)

Hahaha ~ I just watch it ~ So funny

1. Kudō Shizuka ask what will Kochan do if he saw her on street. Kochan said she may either say “Ohayo gosaimasu” in a really polit way, or more often he just didn’t see it and walk pass XD Then Shizuka said she once saw Kochan on street ~ XD No staff no manager just himself in … SHIBUYA XD Kochan try his best to denine it and his look ~ XD Hahaha~ Well he keep on looking at Tsuyo too XD Seems like he will have a lot of explaination to do backstage XD

2. Then the game is funny~ Its the shooting game that Kochan and Tsuyo played before in Japan Walker. Shizuka played twice and won her price. Tsuyo then tried, he cheated by lying straight on the table, Kochan saw it and stand in front of him keep pushing him and said “You cheated~” and push Tsuyo’s Legs XD Tsuyo shoot and lose, Kochan jumping up and down besides him shouting “Yada~~~ yEah~ ” XDD So happily, then he took the gun and try to shoot. Description is He go and aim and shoot ~ The sound is like those comedy ~ “Pa….” Nothing even happen XD Kochan head down lay on the table laughing , and laugh till he fall on the ground XD (slip down) XD Tom san hit his head too XDDDD So cute ~

3. Kochan before Ichido Itto, either he is so nervous or he just stupid ~ he say a sentence out of tune XD For example its “How are you” he say it as “how ARE yoU?” kind of way XD So funny ~ XDDDD

Wahahahhahahaha~ Can’t wait to upload the clips for you guys XDDDD



3 Responses

  1. hahaha..u r rite nana..
    i think Kochan is being nervous because he with his senpai’s wife..
    arhh,it’s been a while since i see shizuku-chan..

  2. Ah~ Mrs Kimura eh?
    the shooting part was so funny!
    especially the Yay Yay Yay! and when he shoots…. -_-|||
    haha I think he behaves like an old man >_<
    Tsuyo on the other hand looks so young!

  3. Ha.Ha.. It seems like a fun show. In the middle of dl, but thank you for putting the clips. 🙂

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