[Johnny’s Jr] “Summary” Concert Guest Visit

Well~ According to Japanese Fans,

Tsuyo went to watch the concert on 2nd Sept straight after Domoto Brother recording 😀

Kochan went today with Tackey and Inochi 😀


Smap went yesterday 😀


3 Responses

  1. woah!! why didn’t tsuyo go with koichi.. =(


    and yeah~ hope to see some news clips on these.. =)

  2. Koichi has a lot of free time to go see his kohais shows these days! xD

    I wonder why Tsuyo went alone though!

  3. Nee…please tell me what really is the schedule of the SUMMARY 2008 concert? I’m seeing lots of dates so I’m confused about the span of dates the concerts are supposed to happen. Did it start in the last week of August or something?

    Sorry, I’m so oblivious. XP

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