[KinKi] New Year Concert and KinKi own Countdown in Osaka Dome!


KinKi Kidsが年末年始に京セラドーム大阪でコンサートを行う。7月開始の全国ツアー第2弾として11月30日、12月1日に東京ドームで、12月29日~翌年1月1日まで京セラドーム大阪で開催する。


[2008年9月5日7時12分 紙面から]


KinKi will hold their 2nd segmnet of the National Tour with a new start in Osaka Dome. They will be holding concert in Tokyo Dome on 30th Nov and 1st Dec, then 29th Dec to 1st Jan next year in Osaka Dome.

The most important event is KinKi’s First solo Countdown Live. From the next year of their debut (1998) continued for 10 years, it was hold in Tokyo Dome, then Johnny’s Countdown at night on the same place. As both of them are from Kansai, “Back to starting point from next year” is the aim of the tour. Koichi “we hope a happy new year to Osaka people”, Tsuyoshi “Its exciting”.

Tokyo dome will still hold Johnny’s Countdownd Live.

Nana: I am dead~ Oh My GOD! KinKi first own Countdown Concert!!!! >________________< Oh MY GOD!!!!!! I am so excited too~ cause we are going to their first ever solo countdown 😀


5 Responses

  1. Omg omg! I need to plan a trip!!
    Thanks for the good news

  2. Just of my curiosity, does any other JE group have their own countdown?

    It is great news for fans.. Osaka fans are very lucky.

  3. whao! This is so good! I wonder how I could get a ticket for KinKi Kids’ own countdown concert. I’m from overseas..T__T

  4. Yes!! This is definitely good news for Osaka fans!!
    They really listen to the fans!!!

    But the Johnny’s Countdown will be lonely w/o KinKi!!! Maybe they’ll do a live tele-cast.. XD

  5. I need to plan my trip too!!

    *in need of people to help me get tickets* XD

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