[KinKi] Donnyamonya End

Oh my god!!!!!

Donnya finishing this month~ Starting from Autumn it will be take over by HSJ!

What >______________________<

Oh I so hate it ~>_< I don’t mean I hate HSJ, and I know its one of the thing that company will take away when they went into 10 years team. But still >_<

I am so gonna miss Donnya~ where they always brust their lies >_<

Oh I am not happy now ~ >_<

This month(Spring):here


Next Month (Autumn): here

Apparently some fans have written to the radio asking about Donnya.
Radio station reply is : Donnya will move to midnight -” レコメン!” Session.
They better not end Donnya >-<


2 Responses

  1. Waaaa @.@ I don’t want hsj to take over kinki’s program T_T

  2. I know!! T_T I was so sad when I knew about it!

    I don’t hate HSJ either but they’re promoting them too much and forgetting about everyone else!

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