[33 mins detective] NG clips

Nana: Wahahahahahahahahahaha I so love it ~

You guys gonna have to click on this and see it~

And MUST give me a comment XD

Goodness me~ I can’t stop laughing XD


4 Responses

  1. seriously this is very extreme!!!!!!!!! LOL~

    I watched this last night and was laughing through it!!

    tsuyo can really stand it!! LOL~~

  2. haha the last part was really funny!
    i laughed really hard there
    thanks for sharing!

  3. I saw it in LJ and was laughing really hard at the last scene. Tsuyo tried really hard not to laugh, but you can see him snicker a bit. And the guy was even surprised when tsuyo and the others started laughing because of his acting. 8D

  4. whahahahaa~ i like the last part~ it is hilarious~

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