[From nana] Update about myself

Hi Guys ~

Its me again ~ 😀 Hope you are not bored with me talking to myself here XD

Anyway ~ I have to say a BIG BIG sorry to those I and SummerSnow have promise to sent stuff to AGES AGO.

I know its sound stupid, but after I started working I feel like I am so exhausted everyday.

Well before its okay. I work 9-5:30 possibly max 5:45

However I guess around 1 month earlier, 7:30 is just too easy to go through … -_-

I have fill half of my OT sheet up last month. (well I am happy ~ more OT more money anyway) but I am really tired. Getting off work at 7:00 or 7:30 means by the time I am home its already 8:30, finished dinner at 9:00 have one hour doing this blog and updating my facebook, then its time to sleep.

I counting back this year, I have break so many records of my own.

I have lost near 6 kg in 6 months time, sick for around 6 times this year? Didn’t really counted.

Last time I saw SummerSnow in Melbourne she and my friend said I lost quiet a lot of weight. I know I do … especially when I notice G2000 size 0 seems quiet large to me now… T-T

Anyway Sorry for so many delays we have made, been really busy all this year.

I am so looking forward to meeting you guys in Osaka 🙂 So excited already ~ 😀

And guys please try to search for places that could accept large group of people for new year soba XD I haven’t find one yet! XD

See you guys in 3 months time



4 Responses

  1. Just wanna say, Ganbatte!!!!!!!
    Add oil with work + JLPT + other things!!!

  2. Hi Kiu,

    you too 🙂 See ya tmr 😀


  3. aww..please take good care of yourself kay!
    Don’t forget to eat~
    ganbatte ne!

  4. nana san

    7-7.30 is not too bad in HK, my working hour is 9-8 or later but please take care!!
    you can’t even fit G2000 sixe 0, this means you must be skinnier than Kochan!!

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