[KinKi] Domoto Brother (28.09.2008)



7 Responses

  1. REally kawaii overdose!!!!
    KinKi & the kids seem to have fun!!! With the fatherly feelin~

  2. hehe.. kawaii~ especially e part where the little girl called kochan otosan~~ >.<

  3. I soo love this episode and i think its too short!!!! 🙂
    i need to c her with them more often (^_^)v
    First time being called “Otoosan for both KinKi Kids” i guess…
    Love the look on their faces when she called them Otoosan, so SHOCKED and HAPPY at the same time…

  4. it was such a cute episode!!!
    Koichi secretly loved being called otousan xD

    We need more kids on DK it seems <33

  5. so cuteeeeeee
    Ahhh this is too cuteeeee
    cannot take the cuteness
    yes yes! we need more kids on SDK

  6. I’m sorry but I need to ask… WHEN WAS THIS AIRED? I mean, what time? It should air 23:15, right? At that time they were airing F1…

  7. To Micchan,

    Its aired usually at 23:15 Japan time. However it subject to the previous program. If its a baseball game live or F1 live then the on aired time will delay till those games end 🙂


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