[KinKi] Vogue Power Men 10 in Asia – Tsuyo


將焦點鎖定在年度十大Power Men,周杰倫、金城武、吳尊、古天樂、李連杰、郭曉冬、小田切讓、堂本剛、裴勇俊、李準基。他們在各自的領域中,鮮明著自我的特質,活得有型有款,有想法,有態度,在本質的基礎之下,不將自己設限在單一的地域中,將眼睛的角度朝向一個更寬廣的世界。在光鮮的表象之下,他們每一個人的背後,都有著一個屬於他們自己的故事,屬於他們自己的堅持方式,那或許是掙扎、或許是夢想,或許是人生的體驗。他們是屬於這個時代的,也同時,創造著屬於他們的時代表情。

This time we broaden our vision to Asia – Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea .

Targeting our Annual top 10 Power Men, Jay Chow, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Wu Chun, Louis Koo, Jet Li, Guo Xiao Dong, Odagiri Joe, Domoto Tsuyoshi, Bae Yong-jun and Lee Jun Ki. They all showing their own style in different field, showing thier uniquiness, living in style in thought and in manner. Under the basic foundation of ownself, not only limiting in the single mode but turning their eyes on a wider world. Under their freshness, they each have their own story to tell, having their style of  insist, their struggle, their dream or their taste of life. They belong to this generation, and also creating something that represent their generation.



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