[From nana] Updating late

Update will be late these few days as work load is increasing to the point that I finished work at 8:45 pm today… and file still on my desk …
So tired … Have been OT-ing for whole week and still have to work on Saturday to finish off work … -_-
Sign … I am just too tired today … can’t do these updating anymore … Will do it tomorrow morning …
ORZ >_<


4 Responses

  1. Same here… need to work on Sat this week …
    my desk is getting really messy with all the unattended files mounting….
    and this stupid client of mine wants to have conferences with 2 barristers which is gonna take up my whole arvo today + tmr (coz I need to come back and write up the minutes for the conference)
    work work work…………… *sigh*

  2. anyways good luck + add oil with work + thanks for all the trouble you’re going through with the tickets + hotel booking!!!!!

  3. Hi Kiu,

    Check out your Fb 😀

    ~ nana~

  4. aww!!! take care and rest more!!

    it’s okie to update less..

    health is more important ne~~ 😉

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