[Kat-tun] Rumour of Akanishi and Cam Cam Model Maki


「KAT―TUN」の赤西仁(24)とモデルの西山茉希(22)とのドライブデートが、16日発売の写真誌「フライデー」で報じられている。今月 初旬、赤西が西山の自宅マンションまで車で迎えに行き、深夜のドライブに出かける姿をキャッチ。同誌では、先月26日の発売号で掲載した赤西のステーキ店 デートの相手も、実は西山だったと伝えている。赤西の所属事務所は「友達です」と説明。


[Note: Choice what you want to believe in. No Personal attack here! ]



Maki Nishiyama


4 Responses

  1. im happy for Jin that he is dating her. his old enough to date someone. first i tough that Jin was dating Leah Dizon but now shes prenant and married

  2. She went on shindoi once this year. In august I think.

  3. To endlicious,

    Was she the one who kinda ‘forced’ Tsuyo to pose in front of the camera? The shots turned out to be hilarious xD

  4. Erm yes. She tried taking photos for Tsuyoshi but it turned out quite horrendously as Tsuyo put it. lol.
    She made Tsuyo did some awkard pose like ‘smiling when you see your BOYFRIEND appear’ sort of things.

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