[Smap] Kimura Home got breakin!?







Kimura’s home in Meguro got break in on 19th Oct. The alarm rang and police came, however nothing being stolen and no one being caught yet.

nana: Out of topic but so Kimura in Meguro~ >_< SummerSnow we are living in Meguro~ XD Isn’t that’s make it sounds good XD


3 Responses

  1. omg T_T i’m reliefed nothing was stolen ;______;”””

    so………………. Meguro, uh?? XDDDD

    *gotta visit Meguro* LOL XD that’s good XD

    so Yasuda and Koichi: Hyogo. Kimura: Meguro.
    interesting nee~~~~~~ xDDDDD

  2. hi Akani304

    Kochan live in Ropping Hill 😀 Not Meguro. Tsuyo does 🙂 But not central Meguro 😀


  3. ohh i see!! i said it cos i read you telling that down there *too lazy to read the jp news*
    *runs far away*

    ehh chotto O_O i really thought kochan lived in hyogo!!! i’m so slow with this stuff XDDDDDD

    i think its easy to spot tsu in akasaka, at least, since he’s always shooting there for shindoi XDD

    Roppongi is an expensive place and it’s a gaijin spot -__-”..

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