[J-pop]Music producer Tetsuya Komuro arrested for fraud












Famed producer and musician Tetsuya Komuro was arrested on Tuesday on charges of fraud. The high-profile case started back in 2006 when Komuro approached a private investor, offering to sell the copyrights of 806 songs he produced for the sum of 1 billion yen. The two reached an agreement, and the investor paid 500 million yen up front. He later learned that the rights to the songs actually belonged to Avex and other companies, not Komuro, so when he was unable to get his money back, he took the case to the authorities.

Komuro lost a civil suit in July and was fined 600 million yen, but he failed to pay by the deadline. The case was escalated to the Osaka District Court, which issued the warrant for his arrest. He was taken in by the police on Tuesday and was reportedly exhibiting remorse for his crime. Two employees of his event planning company Tribal Kicks were also arrested under suspicion of being accomplices in the fraud.

In recent years, Komuro has been plagued with debt due to failed business projects and alimony payments from his previous marriage to Asami Yoshida.

According to the law, Komuro faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, though one law professor was quoted as saying that fraud of 500 million yen will likely carry a sentence of 5 or 6 years, and as little as 3 years if the amount is properly repaid. However, another expert said that depending on the circumstances, an additional law may apply that could increase the maximum sentence to 15 years. He predicted that Komuro would be given 10 years in that situation, and as much as 8 years without it.

Komuro’s arrest has already prompted Avex to cancel the sale of two upcoming singles by the pop group globe, which includes Komuro and his current wife KEIKO. The group was set to release “Get Wild” on November 26 and “Self Control” on December 17, both covers of songs by Komuro’s earlier group TM NETWORK. In addition to canceling the CD releases, Avex is also halting all exposure for the songs.

[Tokyo Graph]


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