[Arashi] Arashi arriving Shanghai, learning Chinese

ジャニーズ「嵐」、まもなく上海公演 中国語練習中

日本のアイドルグループ「嵐」が15日と16日、上海大舞台に初登場する。大規模な宣伝が行われなかったにもかかわらず、コンサートチケットの販売は好 調で、ほぼ売り切れとなっている。グループ5人の中国での人気の強さが見て取れる。芸能プロダクション「ジャニーズ」所属タレントが大陸部で公演を行うの はこれが初めて。「嵐」の上海でのパフォーマンスに期待が集まる。「新聞晨報」が伝えた。

結成10年目となる嵐は今年、アジアツアーを展開している。東京・名古屋・大阪・福岡・札幌で10公演を経た後、上海に初登場し、2日連続でコンサートを 開催する。日本の製作会社によると、上海公演は東京公演よりもさらにすばらしいものとなる。メンバーは毎日リハーサルに励んでいるほか、中国語の練習も 行っているという。メンバーの二宮和也さんは、ジャニーズ事務所を代表して上海で初公演を行うことはチャレンジに満ちており、メンバー全員で全力でのパ フォーマンスを行うと語っている。コンサート当日は、ファーストシングル「A・RA・SHI」やドラマ「花より男子」の主題歌などを含む30曲以上が披露 される。「嵐」一行は14日、上海に到着する予定だ。(編集MA)


Japanese Idol Group “Arashi” will perform in Shanghai on 15th and 16th. Without any large promotion, their concert tickets were sold out. Being the first group of Japan well-known idol agency “Johnny’s & Associate” landing in China, Arashi have get their gear up to perform well in Shanghai. From Source, they are learning hard with their Chinese.

This year, “Arashi” have pull out their 10th year debut in Asia, after helding 10 perfromances in Japan – Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukouka and Sapporo , they first challenge Shanghai and will hold 2 days concert. In Japan, they have ride the White horse, flower, elephant etc decortated van, and have a tour around the concert hall, with Crown performance, taking the audience in to dream. Other than that, they also being fly into the air with a 55m hugh balloon, making crowd screan. This time, according to Japan Production company, will be better than Tokyo. According to the company, All members are not only working hard in their rehearsal but also in practicing their chinese. Even Member Nino said, Being the first representative of Johnnys to perform in Shanghai is a big challenge and they will try their best to performance the best. During the concert, Members will performance more than 30 songs from their debut song “ARASHI” to Hanayori Dango theme song.

Yesterday, Journalist learn from organiser that all tickets in Shanghai were sold out. In order to give fans a tidy and transparent purchasing space, this time tickets were sold according to the official purchasing model, main aim is to give fans the best ticket and reduce the risk of tickets being bid online. Organiser also reserve a little amount of tickets to sold in the concert night to get rid of reselling tickets.

According to source, Arashi will arrive in Shanghai in 14th, around 100 relevant staffs have been arrived preparing early work .


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  1. How cow! I am loving this season of AI! I can’t believe Paul got sent home. Paul was by a long shot the hottest.

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