[From Nana] My laptop

My latop is dead just then.
Can’t open anymore.
Lucky my harddisk should still be fine.
But well yea still the same I HATE HP ! I am so dead serious!
Its the shortest ever laptop time I have with HP.
It was a bit weird when I bought it. Always give me a blue recovery screen when I pug a usb in. First they blame on my window, but then they find out its the USB port problem. Then now I can’t open my laptop by only near 2years. Gees~ and how much I bought that for?

My laptop is hot to the point that I use it as a heater when I was in Melbourne as I can’t use my heater which cause me a lots of money.

Now Its dead! Oh gees~ And on Thurs! So I have 1 more day without computer! Sucks!
I am using my mum’s computer a the moment … Hopefully Miko could help me to update this tomorrow or I have to find SummerSnow who have said she will come up to update… =_=

~Angry nana~


2 Responses

  1. life w/o a pc is really arghs! *hugs*

    chill~ (:

  2. Waaaa..yikes, I understand what you’re going through, having through them myself >___<

    So what laptop are you going to buy next? Lappies have gone much cheaper compared to the old days..=/ . My laptop is almost 3 years old, have been formatted 2 times, the adapter went dead 2 times (and both ended up repairing itself..o.O) and currently the DVD-rom isn’t working at all. Haahaha..and oh yeah, it’s ACER.

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