[KinKi] KinKi You Concert Winter – Tokyo Schedule

東京・大阪 第2弾






※11/29(土)は休演日ですが、13:00 – 18:00(予定)にてグッズ販売のみ行います。

11/30(日) 18:00 10:00
12/1(月) 18:00 11:00


Nana: Gals~ Beware of the timing to get Concert Goods.

In order to able to get your concert goods. If you’re going on 30th You could skip buying goods on 30th but went to 31st to get it. Even you could get it on 30th and leave out some to get it on 31st. Cause they still selling goods after Concert open, where you find yourself wasting less time lining up.

Personal Experiences, We line up at 12:00 finish buying at 14:30, and I think mobile strip sold out around 15:00. That time its open around 11:00 I think.

So check the date you will be going to buy goods when its selling and go there earlier. 🙂

Hope these help 😀


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