[KinKi] KinKi Countdown Concet named!

KinKi First Solo Countdown Concert will be call as :

KinKi Kids CountDown Concert 2008-2009 in KinKi 。


5 Responses

  1. hi,

    i am just wondering where you got this info?

  2. From most of the KinKi Japanese Fans blog and BBS. Johnny’s don’t work on weekend they won’t update till Monday, I bet its from J-net Mobile ver.

  3. i’m a little confused with the seats..!! does anybody has a decent map to Kyocera seats? XD

    my 1/1 is a A4 sit! but i don’t know if it’s good or not -__-…

  4. Gees~ You know what seat you got! 1st Jan Arena A4 You are so bloody lucky! You know what, you are seating right infront of KinKi and the ticket if you sold in auction you could sold it for at least 100 K yen!
    Gees~ >___<

  5. 100 K yen?????? WTFFFFFFFF O_O NOWAY
    ok, now i see i can’t change it for anything!! lol O_____O

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