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2009.1.31 『SP終わって…~KinKi Kids~』






特に光一さんは2月5日から『Endless SHOCK 2009』がスタートされるということで、めっちゃ忙しいハズなんですが…全く疲れている様子も見せず。



I am Shojiki Shindoi’s and Shojiki Suteki’s Yamamoto.

During Run through, Yamamoto (me) make a tiny mistake in open rehearsal and got point out by Koichi san (laugh)

I thought that noboday notice

I got another additional blow from Tsuyoshi san (Laugh)

What a two person …

Especially Koichi san Endless Shock 2009 start on 5th Feb, he seems to be really busy, but he didn’t look really tired.

Love ballade “Yakusoku” is a really good song.


Thanks to Soketsu correction 😀


2 Responses

  1. Hello,Nana
    My name is Soketsu, I’ve read your blog for awhile. Thank you for sharing news, pictures, etc. esp. about KinKi Kids!^^

    In this entry, your translation has some mistake (not that serious)
    this line
    means ‘i thought that nobody noticed it…’

    and this line
    means ‘but he didn’t show any tired expression at all’

    just want you to know that Koichi is still fine^^

  2. hi soketsu,
    thanks. i was thinking that two line too.
    thanks so much. 🙂 dun worry to tell me which one is wrong. i m learning too.

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