[From Nana] Endless Shock 09 in Imperial theater

All photos are taken by me today. So please credit back when you take it 😀



5 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love that poster. @_@

  2. thank you for the photos,
    it’s really beautiful, especially the photo of the frontdoor of the theater.

    hope you get great experience on your time there


  3. those are awesome!
    thanks for sharing~~

    Ah..today’s the day eh?
    Good luck and all the best to Ko chan!!

  4. I want to have the poster !!
    So hot~ and Kochan looks so young in the poster. haha~ Good luck to Kochan for the start !!

    And thank you for the photos Nana! 😀

  5. Hi guys,

    Here is two information about SHOCK.

    1. At curtain call of today, Takki and Nishikiori was on the stage with Koichi.
    This scenes is going to be broadcasted tomorrow’s morning TV show’s news.
    (Zoom in Super at Nihon TV, Mezamashi TV at Fuji etc)

    2.If you buy official goods at Teigeki Store (at least one), you can get free post card of Koichi.
    They have three kind of post card and you can choose one of them.
    Even if you have no ticket, you can buy goods at first floor, but Just be careful, no ticket allow you to go shopping only during stage!
    Of course if you have a ticket, you can get these staff anytime(^^)


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