[Endless Shock 09] Informations (22.03.2009 update)


. 13:00 V6 – Sakamoto, Nakano and Inohara

. 18:00 Satou Atsuhiro (Hikaru Genji), Moto Fuyuki, Ktou Kazuya

Information (16.03.009)

. Kochan hurts his leg on 15.03.2009

. not yet known where he hurts his legs / ankles, but audience said he didn’t dance strongly and couldn’t move that much. some audience saw him look really painful when dancing.

. Audience said its better in 15th night performance, but tonight performance (16.03.2009) it still look painful to him to dance around and move around.


. Erika (dancer in Concert)

Information (12.03.009)

. Today is the 626th performance of Endless Shock and Kochan become the longest solo leading actor in Teikoku Kekijō. ( will be on Zoomin tomorrow)

. During the roof top show, Kochan and Owner open a ribbon banner with sign saying “Congraduation!” And Owner explain about the record breaking news.

. During the talk after show, Kochan also talk about the record.


. Urashima Rinko san (usual Chrous for KinKi and in Domoto Brother too)

Information (11.03.009)

.(09.03.09) during the stay of  Higashiyama san and Uekusa san (from shounen dai), Kochan said “I wish MINE partner will come too…”

.(10.03.2009) Kochan pretend “Sushi Prince” on Stage 😀

.(11.03.2009) Today is the 626th performance of Endless Shock.

Guests (09.03.2009)

. Higashiyama san and Uekusa san (from shounen dai)

Information (05.03.2009)

. Today WideShow TV came in recorded tomorrow news.

. Kochan have some flu like symptoms.


.Tsubasa and Mori Mitsuko san.

. Fuji TV’s Wide Shows Host : Kasai Shisuke

Information (04.03.2009)

Kochan said he hurt his neck during the meal before performance. Now he can’t turn his neck >_<

Nana: Hope he recover soon >_< It hurts … >_<


“House” food production staff group

Information (22.02.2009)

Night (600th Performance)
・Camera in, don’t no its for WS (tomorrow) or for recording.
・Opening Kochan said “this is the 600th Performance”
・During Closing, Stage someone shout ” Happy 600th performance!”
・The stage car number plate change from “VIPS” to “ES600”
・During 2nd on stage in closing Koichi said “Facing 601 th performance we will start from here.”

・during the killing scene, Yara knifes fall from the stairs, Kochan kick it away causally.
・During the stick dance show, Koichi fail to get the stick twice and others have make something wrong. When kochan ask “Do you want to do one more times?” Owner said “I have no energy left…”

Information (21.02.2009)

. On the come back scene, Kochan accidentaly hit his “bottom” with a stick and said “Pain!!!” and knee down for a while…

Information (20.02.2009)



Today: Toma!

18th Feb : Toho chairman

Information (18.02.2009)

Guest post:

Photos from glocaly

Information (17.02.2009)

Today 625 Performance achieved!


[Toho Website]

Dancer’s Blog for Yesterday (16.02.2009) No Performance Day


Information (15.02.2009)

・When Kochan came back scene, Kotsureookame theme song was played
・Rika said “Koichi?” with Koichi’s saying”No I am not” in the same time. Rika then said”Oh, that’s okay. I am, I am Koichi”. (I am not sure about this… anyone help? Thanks :D)
. Koichi can’t get Yonehana throw out hat. he improvisation said “Even the body had recover, hand wise… thats why the hat always drop.”

. During the roof top scene, the Owner fall down. He was acting as drunk, but he really fall down.
. As there are many ad-lib in night show, the whole story end 5 mins late.

Photos (15.02.2009)









Ichikawa Sarusaburou


(Night) Johnny San

(13th Feb Guest)

Ishihara Production Various Artists and Managers

Information (14.02.2009)

Afternoon :


・In the walking stick dance, the walking stick of Machida’s breaks, and Yonehana’s drops the walking stick. while Koichi fail to get back his hat.

・In the rooftop scene in the theater, the “owner” hangs his foot and it falls down.

. During the Boardway street view scene, Koichi accidentally says “Jya-san ji” for 1pm, Yonehana said “Its the total time”.

. In the Killing scene, Koichi’s sword fall down.

. When Rika “strab” Koichi with a short knife, Koichi fall on behind.


During one scene, Kochan said “We are all born and grown up in Theater”.


Ichikawa Sarusaburou


(Night) Johnny San

(13th Feb Guest)

Ishihara Production Various Artists and Managers

Information (12.02.2009)

Yesterday While in the act where Kochan holding on a red ribbon and fly around, the ribbin was caught with the curtain and couldn’t come down. And due insufficient time, while there is two type of flying, Kochan only do the flying with two hand back holding on the ribbion. Kochan later talk about the incident and said it time of trusting staff will work it out.

Today in the scene where Yara give Rika the ring, the case of the ring drop.


Johnny’s JR Fujigaya Taisuke, Kawai Fumeto, Goseki  Koichi – Sun (08.02.2009) visited Endless Shock.

Near the End of today (10.02.2009) morning session, Kochan said “From last night, my voice become like this…”

Nana: You better recover soon Kochan >_<


Today Kochan sounds like he is having a flu.

During the musical he said ” Currently Flu is flowing around the “COMPANY”, everybody please take care.”

Nana: Kochan … you take care too … T_T you already look like a stick to me …T_T


All credit to Jun

Nana: Thank you so much Jun~ I wish I could go to Tokyo on 31st and got all the goods back home >_<


Hi Nana-san, and Minasan(^^)

Yes, i went to SHOCK tonight.

It was soooooo excitign show!!!

There are a lot of changes for interpretation, song, and dance and this is completely different as last year, i think.

This is NEW SHOCK and i think this show is evolving day by day!

Well, i got booklet and wanna update pictures but i dont know how to do it here.

I’ll try to find some space to update these staff.

and i think stage photo will be on sale after a few days later.

If i get these, i’ll come back here to share these with you guys!

Nana-san, take care and have a nice trip!

From Jun


Video for First day performance

Magazine information


堂本光一『Endless SHOCK』!!


『Endless SHOCK』�ラ�ラ(ピンク色)がスタートしましたね!











星オリ★スタ 2月13日(金)発売号掲載

公開リハ後に行われた記者会見速報で!(Press Conference Report)


『Endless SHOCK』BOOK in BOOKで!(Endless Shock Report)





堂本光一が少年隊植草と感激の舞台初共演 @ Asahi TV

光一“大人のSHOCK”に進化@ Daily Sports

堂本光一、帝劇10年目!来月には森繁超える…主演ミュージカル初日@ Yomiuri

一時中断のショックなし!光一主演舞台が初日@ Sponichi

堂本光一、主演舞台開幕 植草と初共演@ Sanspo


Shock Billboard

Flower Basket


[◇■□・・...・ D i g i t i z e]

Music and Scene Set


▼ACT 1

Scene 1 Overture

Scene 2 Off Broadwayのショー

Scene 3 劇場のバックステージ

Scene 4 劇場の屋上

Scene 5 Broadwayの街

Scene 6 Broadwayの裏の路地

Scene 7 「World Adventure」

Scene 8 バックステージ

Scene 9 「Japanesque Show」

▼ACT 2


Scene 1 シェイクスピア・シアター

Scene 2 ウエクサの劇場のバックステージ

Scene 3 ヤラのショーのステージ

Scene 4 バックステージ

Scene 5 It’s A New World On The Earth

Scene 6 フィナーレ


▼Act 1


Endless SHOCK メドレー


So Feel It Coming


Yes, We Can!**

New York Night

It’s A Wonderful Day

『World Adventure』




Love and Loneliness


『Japanesque Show』





▼Act 2


In The Cemetery


Watch me!

Why don’t you dance with me?

What 10 wanna say

『It’s A New World On The Earth』

Ladder Flying






** Highlighted parts is new song


Hi guys,

Here is two information about SHOCK.

1. At curtain call of today, Takki and Nishikiori was on the stage with Koichi.

This scenes is going to be broadcasted tomorrow’s morning TV show’s news.

(Zoom in Super at Nihon TV, Mezamashi TV at Fuji etc)

2.If you buy official goods at Teigeki Store (at least one), you can get free post card of Koichi.

They have three kind of post card and you can choose one of them.

Even if you have no ticket, you can buy goods at first floor, but Just be careful, no ticket allow you to go shopping only during stage!

Of course if you have a ticket, you can get these staff anytime(^^)


Nana: Thanks so much Jun~ I will be back in HK tomorrow~ I went to the Johnny’s Shop today ~ hehe~ Bought some photos ~ Will show you guys tomorrow back at home 😀 I am enjoying my Oden ~~~ ^_^



・堂本光一さん舞台600回へ向け始動 ほか


Shock Imperial Theater Photos (from Nana)

All photos are taken by me on 4th Feb. So please credit back when you take it D



Goods Photos

Pictures Credit to Since1997


13 Responses

  1. thank you for the photos and informations Nana !!
    I couldn’t be there..T^T but, good luck and all the best to Kochan all the same. ❤

    I like the photos of him in red. He looks nice..so princey. haha~

  2. Hi all!

    I created blog space to update SHOCK pamphlet’s pictures.
    Nana-san, feel free to pick them up and use these as you like(^^)
    I’ll detele these staff a few days later because there is no enought epace (T T) These pictures are too heavy…

    …and I heard stage photo is on sale from today at Teigeki store.
    i’ll update pictures as soon as I get these!


  3. Awwww take care Kochan >___<

  4. Thanks you for all the pictures and info Jun~ and Nana~

    ahh Ko chan~ please take care!
    and he looks so thin in those pictures!
    I know show must go on..but FOOD must go on also!

  5. Nana, are you coming to Tokyo????
    Wow…!! It’s sounds good!
    You mean, end of Mar? or Feb?
    If you are comming end of Feb,( i mean, Feb28th) please let me know because i ‘ll go to SHOCK at that date!!!! XD


  6. Hi Jun~
    Gees you going again!? V_V I snob snob snob V_VSO JEALOUS! V_V


  7. Nana,
    Thank you so much for updating us even when you’re so busy *hugs*
    Did you mean Koichi said “We are all born and grown up in Theater” in English? Or he ad-libbed that line?

  8. Hi Hidamari,

    No, 🙂 he said it in Japanese “「僕たちが生まれ育った劇場で。」” and yea its a ad-libbed line 🙂


  9. Thanks for the updates!
    is the owner alright from the fall?

  10. Ko chan hurt his neck?
    Awww hope he gets well soon

  11. hopefully kochan will recover soon

  12. Ko chan~ please get well soon!

  13. It hurts ;__; … I know we cannot do anything except pray and support him but this news really hurts me so much ;__;
    Hope that he will be more carefull about his health ;__; … Really wish that there is someone can stop him being over-working like this ;__; …

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