[From nana] Holiday

As I am going to Macau to stay over a night today:) No update tonight 🙂

Will come back on Sunday 😛 Anyone willing to help in updating Shock? 😀

Tonight Jun will be going to see Shock >_< Envy Envy><


One Response

  1. Hi Nana-san, and Minasan(^^)

    Yes, i went to SHOCK tonight.
    It was soooooo excitign show!!!
    There are a lot of changes for interpretation, song, and dance and this is completely different as last year, i think.
    This is NEW SHOCK and i think this show is evolving day by day!

    Well, i got booklet and wanna update pictures but i dont know how to do it here.
    I’ll try to find some space to update these staff.

    and i think stage photo will be on sale after a few days later.
    If i get these, i’ll come back here to share these with you guys!

    Nana-san, take care and have a nice trip!


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