[NewS/Kanjani8] Ryo record in Macau tower

Nana: Oh I went to Macau tower the last weekend, and saw this 😀 Haha~ decided to take it and show it in here XD Plus note! Its 7th Jan! Oh if Summer Snow and me go a bit earlier we may see him in Macau XD Why he is there btw? I wonder if the black jacket guy behind him is his manager or not XD


5 Responses

  1. hm…I wonder whether they had the permission to stick this photo up on the wall…hmmm…

  2. Haha I din know the chinese word for bungee is ‘ben zhu’
    find it kinda funny
    congrats to Ryo!
    hee thanks for sharing~

  3. hi milkki
    good question. that’s y i decided to take da photo before they got it off

  4. I wonder is this for Can! Jani?
    when will we be able to watch this?

  5. Hi tkfund,

    So long not seeing you ^_^
    I hope its on too ~XD I will watch it if its on XD


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