[NewS] Ryo involved in Car crash accident!



調べによると、1日午後3時45分ごろ、東京・港区六本木の首都高3号上り線で、錦戸の運転する車が渋滞の最後尾に止まっていた乗用車に追突。は ずみで、その乗用車も前の車にぶつかった。3台が絡む玉突き事故で、錦戸が追突した車の助手席に乗っていた60代女性が首に軽いけがをした。錦戸にけがは なく、同乗者もいなかった。警視庁は、錦戸を自動車運転過失傷害の疑いで書類送検する方針。


Ryo involved in a car crash incident in Tokyo highway on 1st March.

It was known that Ryo’s car hit on the car congested in front of him and that car go on hitting the one infront. Hence its a 3 cars pile up. The 60 years old woman sitting in the passenger seats which Ryo first hit hurt her forehead while Ryo and the driver in front suffer no injuries. Police have file a car accident case on Ryo. Johnny’s have then release announcement that Ryo won’t be driving for 6 months from this incident.


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  1. lol good for him *laughing to death*

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