[Rumor] April limited New Group of Johnnys

Apparently there is rumour about a April Only Group gonna apperas soon from Johnnys

It will be Call “KUMON“, its members include :

K – Kato (NEWS)

U – Uchi (JR)

M – Murakami (Kanjani8)

O – Ohno (Arashi)

N – Nakamaru (Kat-tun)

Kumon in Japan is a tutorial class organising company name, it may be group representing that …

their first CM song will be call 「頑張れば見えてくる」(If you work hard you will see)

Who knows  😀

Let’s see

(Rumor from Wing )


3 Responses

  1. OMG you heard this rumour too??
    (apparently, according to what I have read from other chinese forum, It is spreading like wildfires in some japanese bbs <–don’t ask me which one because my japanese is rubbish XD)
    Just don’t know what is going on with the Jimusho lately! So many negative rumours and uwasa!! All tv bosses seem to hate the Jimusho right now…:(
    Well at least one good uwasa is lurking around!^^

  2. KUMON? haha reminds me of the days where I used to attend Kumon for Maths class

  3. Hi Mikki,

    Haha~ I know a lots of bad or stupid rumor flow around but who cares HAHAHA If they are not famous they won’t have any rumour too XD
    So I don’t care at all Hahahahhahahahahahah ~ I just going to enjoy myself with my KinKi Hahahahahhahaah

    HI Rene,
    yea ~ Exactly I think that’s the cm song for XD


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