[From Nana] Japan again! :D

Actually I am heading out to Japan again this coming Friday 😀

Will head to Endless Shock but not watching it 😀 However I will take pictures 😀 hehehehe~

Anyway I will be out by 27th and back on 2nd April 😀

So either I am lucky enough to get someone to help me on this  or I will try my luck to find a computer in my hotel 😀  Or else I guess no update for that 6-7 days 😀


5 Responses

  1. Hi Nana and Guys who is visiting here.
    It been a while…
    I’m glad to hear that you are comming Tokyo, Nana!
    If you need any help, please come to my blog. I’ll update my e-address there!!!


  2. Hi Jun,

    Yea ~ Please update your address 😀 I will be in Tokyo just for a morning, then head straight to Shikoku for 4 days 😀 then back to Osaka and going to Kyoto to see night Sakura 😀


  3. Hi Nana, Guys!

    I have an extra ticket for SHOCK on March27th, 6PM.
    My friend cannot come because she has to go to biz. trip and I am looking forward someone who can see this stage on behalf of my friend.
    Nana, or might be someone who is visiting here, and able to come to TEIGEKI at that date, please let me know by TOMORROW (March 24th)

    —Ticket details
    Date: March27th, Friday 6:00PM
    Seat: Middle of 1st floor, almost in the corner of the line but it is not bad seat.
    Ticket price: JPY 12,000 (Fixed Price)

    My e-mail address is

    Please let me close your mail by end of tomorrow (Tokyo time) because this is urgent and I have to find someone to go with me…


  4. Hi Nana!

    Have fun in Japan!! Sorry I didn’t reply to your SMS.. been so busy lately was working round the clock and through weekends these few weeks..
    Anyways enjoy the Sakura!

  5. Dear Kiu,

    I know I know 😉 Don’t worry I remember your goods 😀 HeHe~ I will see you when I back 😀 Put it in your schedule first hehe~


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