[Rumour] Kochan’s = 紅茉來鈴?

According to miko who loves to serve Japan BBS told me yesterday

Rumour is that

Kochan= 紅茉來鈴

Remember  紅茉來鈴? He/She is the writer for “The edge of the word” and many mores, however he/she only wrote for KinKi. Before Rumour is  紅茉來鈴 = Tsuyo due to the style of the lyrics and song.

Now Rumour is

紅茉來鈴 = Kochan

How to say  紅茉來鈴 in Japanese? 赤マクラーレン

Ko Makuraren.

Ko  赤 = Kochan

Makurarrenマクラーレン = McLaren

Well After Ferrari, Kochan LOVES McLaren….

Okay get me? Hahahahaha I am a bad bad girl, I told Miko I can’t believe is him hahahahahahaha He don’t seems like thos type who will wrote that kind of musics Hahahahhahaha Miko said may be is bothe of them together hehe 😀 Gees I love “The edge of the word” so so so much ! Then “You’re my buddy” is good too ~ >_<


4 Responses

  1. haha i wish that’s true! ahah
    i really like the edge of the world too
    and the name’s so cool! KoMakuraren! hahaha

  2. What are the other songs by this “KoMakuraren”? ))

  3. I saw this rumour recently but this rumour actually also speculated about the name being a combi of both Tsuyoshi and Koichi.

    I’ve actually come across a very detailed analysis long time ago on a Chinese blog where the fan was of the view that the name is actually a combination of both Koichi and Tsuyoshi. The analysis was very good. I’ll see if I can procure consent from that fan to allow me to do a translation.

  4. Koumakuraren wrote Unchaged, tabiji you’re my buddy

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