[smap]Kimutaku is OUT of best 20 in one Japan Television Entertainer Survey

Kimutaku is OUT of best 20 in one Japan Television Entertainer Survey. 
Both female and male top entertainer are Japanese sportman. The sportmen in Japan usually like to join the variety programs during the season off period. And those programs always come with a high audience rate.
Furthermore, the broadcasting station decided to reduce the cost of drama and variety program. Those high guarantee entertainer may possibly less invited to join the show.

miko>> Actually can tell from Arashi’s program 😛
Because they always do a lot of science experiments and eat expensive food in the program, their program have 2 – 3 episodes are without editing (It is funny though). At last, minna~~yoroshiku!


3月28日16時57分配信 夕刊フジ








One Response

  1. Hi Miko san~ yoroshiku!
    thanks for this piece of news~
    ah..all the cutting cost

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