Birthday Greetings to Domoto Tsuyoshi

Hi, Being a KinKi fans, we all know that someone’s bday is coming! Yes! Domoto Tsuyoshi’s 30th Birthday (Oh no!…30!) Do you want to leave him a message? or drawing to show your love? If so, here is a chance! (site in chinese) momo is a chinese (probably I should say HK?_) KinKi Kids fans. As a chinese KK fans should know who is she. Few years ago, she tried to help us to give Tsuyoshi bday card on Endlicheri concert successfully! and this year, she is going to make it happens again!!! If you want to give Tsuyoshi message, prepare a 14cmx10cm paper. (maximum size) then draw/write your message down, scan it and send to If you dun have a scanner, you can use your DC to capture the pics and send! Better be quick!!! Deadline is 5th Apr, 2009   Here are some guidelines, 1) This is a bday greeting message, so please…anti-fans are not welcomed. 2) The main reason of writing greeting msg is not pursuading or expressing how deeply you want KK can go oversea and hold concerts. 3) You may write the message in either English or Japanese Only. (As all we know Tsuyoshi cannot read chinese/other country languages.) 4) Make it short, simple and beautiful! NO 3D graphs! sometimes, drawings mean more than words. 5) Thanks for everything KinKi do for fans, such as they held 39 concert, and the touring concerts last summer. 6) This is not only for Tsuyoshi, but KinKi Kids! as momo mentioned in her hp, she wanted to make a card for Koichi as well. However, the concert hall(Dome concert on 1/1)  is too big, it is not easy to give Koichi our greeting card. In Nara, the hall is much smaller. The task would become easier. It is not a tsuyoshi-ONLY fans function! If you want to tell your friends about this, we are more than welcome you to send this entry to your fds! 😛 miko


5 Responses

  1. I’ll definitely join this~
    thanks for sharing this info
    *starts planning my card*

  2. until when this sending b’day card will begin ??
    till tsuyoshi b`day ? i want to join this soo much !!!!

  3. ^ April 5th~

  4. happy bday to tsuyoshi domoto. may all your wish come true.

  5. oh happy happy greeting omedeto omedeto birthday to my forever tsuyo i hope u will be success in your work n plz stay healthy n i hope i can meet u one day f we destined to meet each other.akiluvtsuyo..

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