[Domoto Brother] KinKi x Toma!

そして来週収録 『堂本兄弟』の 技術美術打合せ 生田斗真くん×堂本ブラザーズバンド めっちゃおたのしみ!

[p-san blog]

According to P-san blog! There will be ep of Toma x KinKi! Oh I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to that!!!!

He has wrote on his j-web too, saying he will be singing 🙂 Oh I am so so so happy ~ YEAH! Fans predicition is it will be shown on 26th April. 🙂

J-web 4th April Vol.239

Hello! I am the witch trail.

Filming is going very smoothly.

Showing date will be from 25th April. Suprisingly its only less than 1 month left.

Just recongise

continue filming is like this.

This time , I will be on many program doing promotion .


What its nice to be the leading role

One of the promotiong program

is Senpai’s program “Domoto Brother”…


Ikuda Toma…

How many years haven’t been singing in TV?

This is REALLY

rare (laugh)

Its not usually seen, audiences!

Please look forward.

I am also looking forward to it .



One Response

  1. i’m so looking forward for this!
    KinKi x Toma
    thanks for the info!

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