Happy Birthday!!!

Let’s say Happy Birthday to our friend – Nana!!~~~ ^ ^

Although it’s a bit late…(her birthday is on 17th Apr)

Nana, I wish you happy always, find your “anata” soon (wow!_)
and please enjoy your trip with our buddies!

Let’s Celebrate! ^ ^


video clips from youtube (uploaded by angelcutenina)
If it is not able to post this video in here,
please let me know and I will delete it immediately. Thank you.

it is the concert VHS that I love most!


10 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, Nana~!
    All the best! 🙂

  2. happy birthday! (:

  3. Happy birthday Nana (^.^)

    Wish you the best !

  4. Happy Birthday, Nana~~
    *sings along to Happy Happy Greeting*

  5. Happy Birthday… Nana

    Wish the best in all you do ! :

  6. Happy Birthday Nana! ))
    Best wishes! )))

  7. Happy BIrthday Nana!!! ^^
    Make you SWISH (DAIGO pose)

  8. Happy Birthday~~!^^

  9. happy birthday, nana :DDDDDD
    i wish you the best and a lot more of kinki love this yer also!!

  10. Thanks gals 😀
    I’m back after a series of travelling 😀 And will stay for a while before heading off again 😀
    So will try to update this as much as possible and will try to convince Miko to join our team as causal worker haha 😀
    Oh hopefully our longing KinKi single will come out soon too !


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