[KinKi] Kochan blessing to Japan famous baseball player – Ichiro Suzuki


2009.4.18 05:04

通算3086安打を放ち、日本プロ野球記録を更新したイチロー(35)へ17日、芸能人からも祝福の声が寄せられた。主演舞台「Endless SHOCK」で東京・帝国劇場の最多単独主演回数を樹立するなど、芸能界の快記録を持つKinKi Kidsの堂本光一(30)は「多くの人を魅了し続けてください」とエール。自身もイチローの活躍を励みに、さらなる記録へ突き進む。



イチローがオリックスに入団した1992年、光一は堂本剛(30)とユニットを結成。イチローとは面識はないが、いわば花の同期生。自身はKinKi Kidsとして1997年に歌手デビュー以来、28作連続でオリコン初登場1位の金字塔を打ち立て、ギネス公認記録を継続中だ。






Kochan wrote a long congraduation to Suzuki Ichiro (baseball player) who achieved his 3085 home safe hits after playing 17 years.

Koichi said” 3085 safe hit have renewed the record of Isao Cho san as the most home run hit player in Japan history. This record also surprise as it is done early with only 17 years and 2 games played and half of the safe hits were done in Major Legue.”

“I don’t really have any conscious to my own records, even though as to satisfy those surrounding me with expectations that I do, I answer that I did. I think Ichiro san too are not conscious to the records, but to be the hitter of the date in the game.”

“Knowing that Ichiro san always eat his wife home made curry every morning, even during season, he will not destory his own living rhythm. I also don’t want to destory my own living rhythm (during working time). “

[Ichiro Suzuki Wiki]
Ichiro Suzuki (鈴木 一朗 ,Suzuki Ichirō?), often known simply as Ichiro (イチロー ,Ichirō?), (born October 22, 1973 in Kasugai, Nishikasugai, Aichi Prefecture, Japan) is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Seattle Mariners.

Ichiro moved to the United States in 2001 after playing nine years for the Orix Blue Wave in Japan’s Pacific League. When the Blue Wave posted him after the 2000 season, Ichiro’s rights were won by the Seattle Mariners and he signed a contract with them. He became the first Japanese-born everyday position player in the major leagues.

In 2001, Ichiro finished first in both batting average and stolen bases, the first player to accomplish this feat since Jackie Robinson. He set several MLB records in 2004, including a single-season Major League record with 262 hits. He has won a Gold Glove award in each of his first eight years in the majors as an outfielder.

Ichiro is the first MLB player to join Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame (The Golden Players Club). He was also selected the 2007 All Star Game MVP, going three for three and hitting the event’s first ever inside-the-park home run.

Through the 2008 season, Ichiro has the second highest career batting average among active players. At .331, he trails only Albert Pujols (.334) of the St. Louis Cardinals.


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