[KinKi]Domoto Kyoudai 26.04.09

Domoto Kyoudai 26.04.09
GUEST: Terminator – Ikuta Toma kun (xP)

is nice to see Toma as the guest of this week.
Tsuyoshi and Koichi are both have fun.
KinKi and Toma dance the step that they learnt in Jr period.
We will have Garasu no Shounen (KinKi), Tell Me (KinKi) and one Smap song (The song that KinKi as a dancer of SMAP)

Toma is such a good senior in Johnnys. He is kinda special and Johnny san trained Toma in a bit different way with the other jr. since he joined Johnnys. (which has been mentioned in Shounen Club Premium)
Wanna watch his new drama so much!! 
and looking forward to see his singer major debut soon!!



Q&A Part 1 (tooooo long, have been splited into 2 clips)

Q&A Part 2 and Talk
(When the time Koichi and Toma acted Endless SHOCK! 2yrs ago, they went to Karaoke tgt with other actors. Toma picked many KinKi songs, but he didn’t sing!! He gave the mic to Koichi and he prefer to dance =P)

Best Hit Takami and Next Week Preview
(Toma hasn’t sung on the TV programme since 6 – 7 yrs ago!)


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  1. thank u so much for sharing this
    i wanted to stream it through keyhole tv but it failed
    wheee thank u thank u

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