[KinKi] Domoto Brother Korea Recording Secert Camera

Oh my god ~ Korean fans are so lucky to see KinKi in that short distance

here are the photos


and here are the secert recording


and apparently it was recorded on 27th April!


4/27 – 4/28 in Korea


Start after arriving in Korea, have lunch in Suwon first then start filming there

They sang Korean version of メリアン

Then went to Gangnam-gu and film the dine there.

They finished working at 10:30pm


Start working at 9am .

have lunch somewhere in Jonggak for Ramen. However as Korean fans shouting too loud, Kochan is not happy about that. Tsuyo is in really good mood and keep in waving to Korean fans

Then after lunch they went to somewhere near hotel to have Octpus and the fans lost them in the crowd.

They afterwards appears in Gyeong bok gung for Ginsen Chicken soup.

Their scheduled flight is at 8pm, as Korean fans feel guilty about making Kochan unhappy.

They started to sing the Terminator 4 song which always appears in Donnya, which KinKi heard it and successfully put a smile on their face.

Ps: Apparently before KinKi come Korea have a really good weather, but after they arrive it started to rain with thunder storm ~ XD Such a “Rainman” XD

My Reports are from my friend Chi which gather information from Korean fans and make this up 🙂 I just do the translation 🙂


4 Responses

  1. ahh I’m so envious of the Korea fans!!
    so lucky lucky lucky

    Aww so sweet of Tsuyo to wave to the fans
    ahh Ko chan~ I hope he’s feeling better now
    Haha although they;re rain man.. but they manage to but a sunshine on the fan’s face

    thank you so much for sharing the report

  2. So sweet tsuyo chan..i wonder if he wave to me..^0^ why don’t they come to Brunei he he*impossible* if they really come to Brunei, i think i will cry..

  3. I hope they will come to Brunei and meet me hehe

  4. omg, kochan not too happy? lol i wonder how his face look like aww~

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